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The idea of making a Lost spin off has crossed my mind several times watching the show and the public, the cast and the many websites the show has. I already started one called One Little Spark which you can find on the_sparkler. This story is about Sayid getting hurt and found by a woman from Inner Earth and the plan was to let Sayid and this Aghartian woman save the rest of the Losties, but I never got that far. Somehow I always lose interest half way my stories and I just can't find the explanation why.

This is gonna be the second try.
In this story Sayid will travel the world in search for Nadia, and he will find some compagnons who will join him, for various reasons. In every city they have to solve a mystery before they can go on.
The plan is to start the story myself and then to introduce friends who also write who can play a role in Sayid's Search. They can write their own chapters/mysteries, but they need to keep the names and situations of the "companions" in their stories.
It is sort of a fan fic, but it does not have anything to do on the Lost island and also there are no other Lost members in this story. Even Nadia is just a memory.
Let me know if you want to join the Search.

~~writers sanctuary~~

 I already have an AIMOO community which is called ~~Writers Sanctuary~~ but after a blue monday of great and warm energy exchance no one remembers it and so it is left out there to dry. Because I feel the need to write and to talk about writing I created this livejournal, feel free to friend me.

I just chose my new lay out, it's very romantic but the tab lines are very narrow, so I can't promise this lay out stays for ever. I am a woman and a woman is changeable like the wind, my moods are the same, from moment to moment I feel high and the next I feel depressed. I have loads of female lj friends who feel the same, must be something hormonal.

Two weeks ago I watched two movies from Linda Hamilton on television and after googling her name I found out that she is bipolar. I never knew that. I am just on the edge of Borderline, so I feel the ups and downs heavily, but thanks to my medicins I  can control them. I am very sorry for Linda, who is one of my favourite actresses, next to Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie, but her illness is very powerfull beacons for the little women out there on the streets or behind their desks, like me. If she can beat this condition so can we. 

I had a depressing youth, with grandparental incest and parental neglect/abuse, there was alchohol in my life from day one and I had to beat the beast myself, which I succesfully did 18 years ago.  An other actor who became a very big beacon to me is Naveen Andrews. His youth was also painted with abuse and alchohol (and a few years of heroine use) addiction.  People judged him, people hated him, people disgust him. But he is my hero because he has also beaten the beasts.

People who judge other people are those who think they know it all better and have never been through the agony themselves. I say it right here and now, if you are like that, stop reading this and leave my livejournal at once. Or keep reading and learn from how I beated the beasts with the help of people like Naveen Andrews and Linda Hamilton. And there are many more out there,  The truth is out there....(yep, Mulder fan from day one) 

I use my past and the knowledge I get from the great spirit out there and upthere, not only to survive, but also to write and draw. That's my way of dealing with the beasts and their ghosts, because once a beast is defeated, his ghosts lingers on for as long as you live. There is always something or someone who will remind you of it. The best thing you can do is to use it in a creative way and that is what I do all my life. And Now I will show you how I did that and am doing it, here on Writers Sanctuary, on LJ.

Keep updated, friend me, you're very welcome.
Namaste, Quanyin 56.

Actors question Bard's authorship

Actors question Bard's authorship
Sir Derek Jacobi, Dr William Leahy and Mark Rylance
Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance (left and right) are in the group
Actors including Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance have lauched a debate over who really wrote the works of William Shakespeare. Almost 300 people have signed a "declaration of reasonable doubt", which they hope will prompt further research into the issue.
"I subscribe to the group theory. I don't think anybody could do it on their own," Sir Derek said.
The group says there are no records of Shakespeare being paid for his work.
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Tuesday september 6th 2007

 I didn't know I could have more than just one personal livejournal and I threw myself into the abbyss rightaway.
So this is me on my new LJ. No userpics yet but that will change in a second or two. Got to choose a nice new lay out too. This is like having another chance and I welcome it with open heart and open arms.
Thank You, Livejournal.
I;ll make this a wonderfull spot to retreat to, my very own source of recuperation.
Lots to do here, but I am in no hurry.
See you soon!


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